I am a ski guide certified by the Canadian Ski and Mountain Guide Program, and based in Trondheim/Norway and Tbilisi/Georgia. I was born in Germany and grew up in Austria (living in several places along the way), and speak both English and German fluently, as well as Norwegian. Since 2012, I have been guiding in Northern Norway, but also Japan, Siberia and several seasons in the Georgian Caucasus. I am also certified as CAA (Canadian Avalanche Association) Level 3 avalanche technician and SVELAV (Sveriges Lavinutbildningar) avalanche course instructor.
In addition, I have a background as ski mountaineer, with several first ski steep ski descents in the Caucasus, Pamirs and Tien Shan. The name of my company stems from earlier times when I aimed to work in the safety consulting business. That changed when I discovered guiding and joined the ACMG, the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. The name of my company stuck, however.
After several years of full-time guiding, I decided to change paths and contribute to a more sustainable future by pursuing a Ph.D. in urban mobility, urban design and greenhouse gas emissions at NTNU Trondheim. Thus, I am thus not a “mountains only” guy. My research has definitely had an impact on how I design and plan my offered tours, how I travel, and who I collaborate with. I do not make this explicit but I am happy to share my thoughts from a personal and scientific perspective when we meet. My work at university also limits my capacity to guide but increases my ability to take small groups with individual wishes.
In addition, I work as photographer: www.ps-photo.net. 
I work closely with several companies in testing and developing ski touring gear: 
- Elan Skis
- Contour Skins
- Fritschi Swiss
- Intuition Liners
- Warmpeace
- Malachowski

To get in touch, send an email to peter@ps-avalanche-consulting.com or use the >> contact form


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