Midnight Sun & Summer Ski Touring

Narvik/Sjomen, Arnøya/Kågen, Sulitjelma

May and June  are thhe most magical months for skiing in Norway. 24 hours light, corn snow at midnight on north faces. Two areas are particularly suited: the glaciated mountains near Narvik, and the island of Kågen in Skjervøy. I also offer exploratory trips to Sulitjelma. Given the generally good stability at this time of year, the trips are aimed at those seeking steeper terrain, but there are plenty of moderate options. 

Trips are limited to 3- 4 days. Dates:
  • May 19 - 21  (3 days) 
  • May 25 - 18 (4 days) 
  • June 1 - 4 (4 days)

Group size are limited to 4 people. Prices depend on location, duration, and group size. 

 Highly recommeneded tours:  
  • Kågen traverse: The tour traverses involved 18 km and 2400 m vertical over three main summits and includes steep ski terrain, glacier skiing and fantastic views.
  • Frostisen summit (1724 m): A high-alpine tour to the Frostisen glacier above Narvik, involving over 20 km and 1800 m of vertical, involving moderate terrain and glacier travel. 
These tour can be arranged separately on request. 

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