Georgia, Caucasus

Starting in 2024, I will run my ski tours in Georgia (my second home) again. The tours will be centred around the >>AltiHut at 3014 m elevation, a new mountain hut on the base of Mkinvartsveri/Kazbek (5054 m). Mkinvartsveri is Georgia`s third highest and probably most famous peak, surrounded by many stories and legends. Opened in 2018, AltiHut is the first modern mountain hut in Georgia built with sustainability in mind. AltiHut is reached after 4 hours on skis from the village of Kazbegi/Gergeti (Stepantsminda, 1800 m asl.). The hut is a perfect location to ski lines on and around Mkinvartsveri, including 4000 m summits in a glaciated environment.

This is among my favourite places in Georgia - I have pioneered ski tours and first descents in the area since 2006, including several first descents. I am also involved in running the avalanche forecast for the wider Gudauri - Kazbegi area and am therefore up to date about snow and avalanche conditions in the area.

1) Ski Touring

  • Time Frame: 13 - 28 April 
  • 8 days overall, 7 days skiing. 3 nights in Stepantsminda, 3 nights at Altihut 
We begin the trip with two days of ski touring around Stepantsminda (1800 m asl.), with the famous and beautiful Mkinvartsveri/Kazbek (5054 m) as a backdrop. We then ascent to AltiHut (3014 m). Altihut provides a comfortable overnight stay and delicious food served in the "restaurant at 3000 meters". We spend four days ski touring from the hut, relaxing in the evening with views of Mkinvartsveri, reading a book from the hut's library, or simply enjoying a glass of excellent Georgian wine. If conditions and group experience allow for it, attempting the summit of Mkinvartsveri itself is an option (must be organised before departure). >> More details & booking 

2) Ski Mountaineering  

Mkinvartsveri (Kazbek, 5054 m) & Maili Khok (4600 m)
  • Time Frame: 13 - 28 April
  • 8 days overall, 7 days skiing. 6 nights at Altihut

This trip is an alternative to the ski touring package, designed for experienced ski tourers and alpinists primarily interested in skiing on summits ranging from 4000 m to 5000 m. The main objectives of the tour include  Mkinvartsveri (or Kazbek, 5054 m) and Maili-Khok (4600 m). As the snow line is likely too high to ski around Stepantsminda, we head directly to the Altihut, a comfortable and cosy base for all tours. The comfort of the hut and full board ensure good rest before each trip. The trip is limited to a maximum of 3 people and requires a strong background in ski touring and good physical fitness. >>
More details & booking