SVELAV Avalanche Courses 2024

This season, I am running avalanche courses again, but in the form of Swedish SVELAV instead of Canadian AST. Same quality, different name - the format and course content will remain similar. The course contents are continuously updated and developed to guarantee the best training possible. I have taught avalanche courses in Norway and Georgia for several seasons, and courses have received only >>5/5 ratings.

Friåkning 1 + / Freeride 1 +
The Svelav 1 is a foundational course that serves as a first step for skiers or snowboarders keen to learn more about avalanche safety. This course teaches you the basics of avalanche formation, terrain and danger. You will learn how to choose routes and get an introduction to methods for decision-making and risk management. You will also learn about avalanche rescue gear and practice companion rescue. The normal SVELAV 1 runs for two days. From my experience teaching Canadian AST courses, an additional day is always beneficial, so I add an extra day of terrain travel.
Courses take place either in Åre or Narvik/Riksgränsen, also depending on where participants come from.

Friåkning 2 + / Freeride 2 +
This is an advanced training course focusing on tour planning and risk management. The training involves daily trip planning and preparations inspired by avalanche risk management but adapted to the recreational skier/snowboarder. The course focuses on understanding avalanche forecasts, avalanche problems, tour planning and preparations, group communication, decision-making, gathering and prioritizing information, and making safe route choices in the mountains. The course goal is for participants to be prepared to plan and conduct their own ski tours and off-piste skiing after completing the training. I also expand on avalanche rescue. Courses take place either in Åre, Narvik or Oppdal, depending on conditions and where participants come from.

Friåkning 1 + 2 Double Pack (6 days)
Six intense days of avalanche course and ski touring. This is a demanding week and requires good physical condition. The advantage of doing both courses in a row is eliminating redundancy. This course is currently planned to take place in Narvik. Other locations are possible.

This course provides basic avalanche training for outdoor work in mountain environments. Emphasis is placed on recognising avalanche terrain and managing avalanche risk from a workplace perspective. It includes examination components for avalanche terrain and companion rescue. The training consists of both theoretical sessions and practical outdoor activities. Topics include avalanche and weather forecasts, basic snowpack observations and snow stability assessments. We will also practise advanced avalanche rescue and how to report avalanche occurrences and accidents. Note that this course requires training in first aid equivalent to at least three days, including CPR and hypothermia. Participants should also have practised transceiver search practice before the course.

Dates, Locations & Prices

Freeride 1+ (3 days):
Åre, Sweden:
8 - 10 March
15 - 17 March
NOK 4800 pp.

Freeride 2 (3 days):
Åre, Sweden: 1-3 March
Åre, Sweden: 12 - 14 April
Narvik: 19-21 April
NOK 5000 pp.

Freeride 1 + 2 (6 days)
22 - 27 April, Narvik
NOK 9500 pp.

April dates - TBD.
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Other dates and location >>on request

Prices include course instructor and course material. You'll need to purchase accommodation, lift tickets, and a vehicle. I can arrange shared accommodation to lower costs. To sign up, send an email to or use the >>contact form.