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Avalanche Training, Consulting & Risk Management 

I offer a variety of avalanche and snow safety training, consulting, and risk management services in Norway and abroad. Examples include risk management in ski guiding operations, hazard and risk assessments for industry/infrastructure, such as ski resorts, roads and mines, and projects in remote or high-altitude environments.


  • Avalanche courses, recreational and professional
  • Worker training in avalanche and mountain safety
  • Project-specific avalanche courses and training

Current training projects:

Risk Management: 

  • Avalanche assessments and forecasting
  • Avalanche risk identification, analysis, and evaluation
  • Risk treatment - implementation of mitigation strategies & monitoring
  • Resulting avalanche safety plan
  • Snow climate studies
  • Expert consultation for projects and event/accident review
  • Evaluation of existing risk management plans
  • Canadian Avalanche Association Level 3 and ISO 31000 standards

GIS & Avalanche Mapping: 

  • Wind-field and snow drift modelling based on a terrain parameter and weather station data. 
  •  Avalanche hazard mapping - locator maps, avalanche atlas, avalanche paths
  • Visualization of data and hazards for stakeholders to understands hazards, risks and risk mitigation measures
  • GIS solutions and worker training; I use open-source software, which is also beneficial for customers if they want to implement or develop long-term software solutions


  • Avalanche Operations Level 3, Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA) 
  • Professional Member, Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA)
  • Ski Guide, Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG)
  • ISO 31000 Risk Management practices
  • Apprentice Ski Guide, Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG)
  • MSc Earth Sciences (SFU Canada) and PhD Candidate Snow & Avalanches (BOKU/Vienna)

More about the Canadian avalanche training system can be found in a publication by E. Grady: >>The Canadian Approach to Professional Avalanche Training
Previous projects:

  • Avalanche consultant to the Norwegian Geotechnical institut for Stattnet construction site in Skjomen (Narvik, Norway). 
  • Avalanche consultant for northern Kobi extension of Gudauri Ski Resort (Georgia/Caucasus).
  • Quality control for avalanche forecast for a construction site along E39 road in Romarheimsdalen (Hordaland, Norway).